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November 22, 2009

Sunday Brunch at The Breakers Palm Beach

Spectacular. Amazing. Breathtaking. Superb. I cannot even imagine what more to say. Everything that the Breakers does is impeccable, period, end of sentence.

I just came back from having brunch at the Breakers with my family and it was the most stunning and impressive experience one can possibly have. As you pull up to the valet each guest is greeted warmly and cordially by the valet attendants. You walk into the grand lobby and WOW! you are completely bowled over by the opulent magnificence of grandeur. You just know that for whatever reason you are visiting The Breakers this will be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. In the center of the lobby sits the most remarkable fresh floral arrangement that would rival any botanical garden. The Breakers have ‘greeters’ in the lobby to escort and guide the resort guests to their proper destination within the property. They greet and welcome you with a genuine smile and a warm demeanor. My family and I were headed to The Circle, the famous room where The Breakers Sunday Brunch is held. This is no ordinary resort, nor was this any ordinary Sunday Brunch. I have been anticipating this wonderful occasion for over a month now and it far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. For me, it is not about just one thing within a restaurant that sums up the total experience but a combination of many parts equaling the whole.

The service was spot on. I did not see one table of guests, including mine have to seek out their server and ask for anything pertaining to their needs. It was as if each server and table attendant anticipated their guests needs and before you could even ask for more coffee or more champagne; there they were filling your glass or clearing your plate. The view of the Atlantic Ocean was mesmerizing and captivating which enticed you to sit and sip your mimosa and graze the bountiful culinary stations until your hearts’ content.

The Breakers Sunday Brunch is a buffet brunch and there are food stations covering just about every single food group you can imagine. Each food display was ‘garnished’ if you will with extraordinary fresh flower arrangements or artistic fruit and vegetable carvings. As with most buffet brunches the carving station is the ‘piece de resistance’ but in my very humble opinion as succulent as the carving station was, the dessert station definitely ‘took the cake’. I have never seen as dessert presentation so plentiful and extravagant with so many choices from fruit tarts to chocolate truffles, to cakes and mousse to cookies and cupcakes and that’s just what I could remember. The shellfish display was so luxurious and fresh and luscious that you thought the shrimp would jump right onto your plate. Equally so was the fresh fruit and cheese display; the vibrant colors of the fruit and the sweet scent of the fruit made you ‘want to be good’ and eat the fruit, which I did and yes they were the best strawberries I have ever had!

The choices of pastas were rich and cooked perfectly as was the ham, the roast beef and the chicken. Each item was tended to as if it was a la carte service. The baby lamb chops were cooked to order and the sushi was hand rolled in front of you. The traditional breakfast items such as Eggs Benedict, crispy bacon, French Toast and made to order waffles were simply indulgent and worth every single bite.

The Mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s were bottomless. We drank Mimosas at my table and I don’t think I ever saw the bottom of my glass; half glasses were immediately filled with fresh squeezed orange juice and delightfully wonderful bubbles.

So yes, in a heartbeat I would go back to The Breakers for Sunday Brunch. And I recommend to you that for any special occasion you may have, to go ahead and indulge and treat that very significant moment in your life with a food and wine and overall extraordinary experience that will leave you with memories, that will last a lifetime at The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers Palm Beach

1 South County Road

Palm Beach, FL 33480
(561) 655-6611
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