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January 31, 2010

ERGagit, a food blogger in the spotlight

This weeks’ blogger in the spotlight loves his food and drink and all the wild and not so wild rides it takes him on. To have that “je ne sais quoi” that this man possesses would be exotic to say the least. I speak of none other than our very own South Florida Epicurean Mayor, ERGagit.

SFFW: How did you start food blogging?
ERGagit: After going to restaurants that Zagat & other reviewers gave raves to that were anything but, I felt it was the time for “The Truth to be Told,” with

SFFW: Do you do anything else other than blog about food-wine-beverage?
ERGagit: Trying to work full time, I am the General Manager of a leading watch company. I’m responsible for the Caribbean and South America, based in Coral Gables, FL, plenty of opportunities to travel & taste food for food blogging.

SFFW: What is the most challenging thing about blogging?
ERGagit: To be completely honest, even though it might offend someone or disagree with other reviewers.

SFFW: What is the greatest opportunity that has come from blogging for you?
ERGagit: Food blogging has given my wife, foodichic and I, an opportunity to meet great new people. Also to be recognized at selected restaurants as a food critic, the ones that I rated favorable, of course.

SFFW: What is your most memorable blogging moment?

ERGagit: For Luis, the owner of Las Vacas Gordas to put my review on their house wine labels, ahead of Zagat.

SFFW: It’s your last day on earth, what would your final meal be?
ERGagit: Last meal could only be one thing, real Kobe Beef again from the Hyôgo Perfecturer in Japan. I had it once in Tokyo and it has nothing to compare it to.

SFFW: What super-action-figure-hero would you like to be and why?
ERGagit: My superhero is Super Chef Joël Robuchon. He created the magic of food for me in his 3 star restaurant in Paris, Jamin.

SFFW: Do you have any wacky cooking habits?
ERGagit: What’s a kitchen?

SFFW: What is the best food advice you have to share?
ERGagit: Advice is to eat anything you want, any time you want & enjoy as much as you can as detailed in my book, “Eat to Die.”

SFFW: What is your one obsessive kitchen habit?
ERGagit: Not cooking, therefore not cleaning up.

SFFW: If you could choose to be any food, what would it be?
ERGagit: Rather eat than be.

SFFW: If looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
ERGagit: Vodka, beer, wine and various other liquids.

SFFW: What is the one “staple” food you always have in your cupboard?
ERGagit: Pasta, Pasta and more pasta.

SFFW: What is your beverage of choice?
ERGagit: Anything with alcohol, but I especially enjoy Argentinean wine & specifically the super premium Bonarda from Cavas wine lodge in Mendoza, Wine Heaven, for which I collaborated in the name of the house wine, Linterna and the label.

SFFW: What is your favorite comfort food?
ERGagit: Hot dog, Kobe beef from Prime 112 & Vienna beef at Hot Dog Heaven.

SFFW: What is your culinary claim to fame?
ERGagit: Besides getting a reservation at El Bulli, and getting a tour of the kitchen by Ferran Adria, himself, the Food Lovers Holiday Fest at Scarpetta with Maude & all the great foodi friends we have made.

SFFW: What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten and where?
ERGagit: The most exotic food I have eaten was the main courses at El Bulli, Noisette Butter with Rabbit Brains. It slid down my throat without me having to swallow as I washed it down quickly with white wine.



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