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January 17, 2010

Joan Nova, a great food, wine and beverage blogger

Three weeks ago we started the The Great Food, Wine & Beverage Bloggers article where each Sunday South Florida Food and Wine will spotlight a “Great Food, Wine & Beverage Blogger who contributes insightful and humorous food, wine and beverage experiences making our world a better place to eat and drink.

Our third blogger in the spotlight is all things food: preparing, serving, eating, photographing and writing about it. Joan Nova of FOODalogue muses about and inspires others about food in all of its glorious fits and forms. As one of the up and coming stars of Joan modestly impales herself as “technically frustrated” however I’m here to tell you that she is the one who got South Florida Food and Wine on Twitter and Joan also teaches a beginners class on blogging. So with all modesty aside I present to you Joan Nova and her fabulous FOODalogue.

Joan Nova FOODalogue

SFFW: How did you start food blogging?
Joan Nova: I like to say that FOODalogue is the inevitable collision of my life’s passions: food, travel, photography and publishing. I started blogging July 31, 2008. It seemed the perfect forum to consolidate my travel essays and photographs which were scattered and stored on various internet sites. And, I had a new purpose…to share with (potential) readers by way of photos and suggestions some ways to liven up home menus by making them more interesting, more healthy, and more attractive with just a few ingredients and some simple techniques.

SFFW: Do you do anything else other than blog about food-wine-beverage?
Joan Nova: I love to travel. I’ve been to over 20 countries, some several times. Recently, blogging + social media have taken up a lot of time. There was a big learning curve when I first started. It was tough going for a while, but I’m happy to say I learned enough to now be teaching a course in ‘blogging’ at community centers. Quite a turnabout!

SFFW: What is the most challenging thing about blogging?
Joan Nova: That’s an easy one. Technical stuff and coding. In fact, in preparing the answers to your questions, I went to my blog to review my first post and, lo and behold, the archives function was missing. Errgh.

SFFW: What is the greatest opportunity that has come from food-wine-beverage blogging for you?
Joan Nova: Community. I thought blogging would be an isolating experience — perhaps, just a creative outlet for me personally. It turned out, however, to be the exact opposite. I’ve made real friends in many parts of the world and it is anything but isolating!

SFFW: What is your most memorable blogging moment?
Joan Nova: Being invited to attend a food festival in San Francisco this past November. I had a great time and met many of my virtual friends.

SFFW: It’s your last day on earth, what would your final meal be?
Joan Nova: A degustation dinner at El Bulli in Roses, Spain and I’d like to be with someone with a more sophisticated palate who could articulate each bite to me. And, if this person was a “he” and suave, handsome, attentive, and spoke with a Spanish accent, I’d know for sure it was my ‘final meal’.

SFFW: Do you have any bizarre kitchen habits?
Joan Nova: You mean like throwing salt over my shoulder? Or kissing bread before throwing it in the garbage? No, not any more.

SFFW: What is the best food advice you have to share?
Joan Nova: I’m happy to give this advice. Don’t think the meal is done and ready to be presented just because it’s cooked. Take it up a notch or two with finishing touches like a drizzle of olive oil, seasoned salts, freshly ground pepper, herbs, lemon, etc.

SFFW: What is your one obsessive culinary habit?
Joan Nova: Going for the gusto…even if it’s just me eating. I prepare meals for myself like I prepare for guests.

SFFW: If you could choose to be any food, what would it be?
Joan Nova: Probably pasta. Everybody loves it and don’t we all want to be loved? Plus, it’s so versatile.

SFFW: If I came to your home and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
Joan Nova: Water, iced tea, lots of condiments but no mayo, full veggie drawers, parmigiano reggiano, chorizo, tortillas…and leftovers!

SFFW: What is the one “staple” food you always have in your cupboard?
Joan Nova: Pasta! With pasta in the cupboard, there’s always meal at the ready.

SFFW: What is your beverage of choice?
Joan Nova: Red wine, preferably Malbec.

SFFW: What is your favorite comfort food?
Joan Nova: Pasta. OK I know this is getting boring but I love pasta, especially with vegetables. In fact, I have a post in my draft folder called “Pasta, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

SFFW: What is your culinary claim to fame?
Joan Nova: I’d like to think I’m associated with presenting food that is bright-tasting, light in a healthy way, bold in flavor and colorful. I certainly aim for all 4 in most everything I prepare. As for fame, I didn’t know I had any, but…maybe after this article?

Click here to read and follow Joan’s blog FOODalogue: Meandering Meals, Musings + Travel
Follow Joan on Twitter @foodalogue



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