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August 11, 2010

Lunch and Dinner at Wild East Asian Bistro on Las Olas

The Wild East Asian Bistro menu is a diverse Asian menu offering lunch, dinner and takeout of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese food. The interior design and ambiance is Asian modern cool yet inviting and comfortable with its view of the Himmarshee Canal and the menu is affordable offering something for just about everyone that walks in. The restaurant is huge; its looks are very deceiving from Las Olas. It’s more long than wide and every seat has a water view. There is a back room with ceiling to floor windows that over look the lush foliage and the waterway it’s absolutely perfect for private meetings or parties.

An interesting concept at Wild East Asian Bistro is the Asian tapas menu offering over 50 small plate style menu items for $6 each. This menu is ideal for guests who choose to eat a variety of items or share an assortment of foods with their dining companions. Complimenting the food menu is the beer, wine and sake list which offers many international Asian beers as well as sake cocktails and the house specialty Sake Sangria which is served by the glass or the carafe.

I am completely intrigued with this $6 menu that I just had to try a few items. I started with the Crispy Calamari then moved onto the Firecracker Udon had to have the Salt n’ Pepper Chicken Wings and no visit to any Asian restaurant is complete without the house signature dumplings in the case of Wild East Asian Bistro they are called the Shanghai Mini Dumplings. The setting of Asian tapas in front of me looked like the dinner table of King Henry VIII; no person should be allowed to consume that much food in one sitting. (and no I did not, thus a take home box)

I sat at the bar and talked with the proprietor Peter Wong and his manager Gabrielle while I grazed through my obscene amount of food. I learned a lot about the menu at Wild East. Everything is made to order. Everything is fresh and they are so very proud of that fact, as they should be. Interesting note the fried rice is not doused with soy sauce as most fried rice dishes are which gives it the brown color. The fried rice here is white and then stir fried with its appropriate ingredients. I love spicy food and the items, Firecracker Udon, the Salt n’ Pepper Chicken Wings and the Crispy Calamari all had a great ‘bite’ to it giving it that extra WOW! zip in every bite. The Shanghai Mini Dumplings are ‘soup’ dumplings and I was given a lesson by Gabrielle in how to eat them without making a hysterical mess. You take a small bite on the edge of the dumpling and drink the ‘soup’ in the dumpling first then bite into the dumpling. I’m a ‘carb’ girl so this little dumpling surprise is quite the winner in my book. These $6 menu items are quite the fantastic find, not sure what took me so long to discover them.

There are lots of special little goings-on at Wild East on Monday’s from 4pm-close its 25% off your check night. Tuesday’s is 1/2 price bottles of wine from 7-close. Wednesday’s from 4-close they have $3 Sake-tinis and Tuesday-Friday from 4-7 is Happy Hour, 1/2 price drinks. The food is of great quality and super fresh, the prices are very value focused. On Wednesday you can have a cocktail and a great dish of something for under $10. Can’t beat that. Click here to view photos

Wild East Asian Bistro 1200 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-828-1888
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