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October 31, 2010

Dirt Cheap Wine, a Great Wine Blogger in the Spotlight

This past year I’ve interviewed some great bloggers with even better names, Fat Kids Club, Burger Beast, WorstPizza, The Chowfather, The French Fry Fairy, it’s all in the name and that is what piqued my interest about this week’s blogger in the spotlight, Dirt Cheap Wine. I could only imagine what this blog was about when I first started following her on Twitter. So here’s the thing if you’re going to pitch Dirt Cheap Wine it definitely needs to be done in a very straight forward way because it either works or it doesn’t; there’s no fluff, no blah, blah, blah, no terroir pontificating and Dirt Cheap Wine does just that she gets to the point and tells you it works or it doesn’t. This a great resource site about budget wines and mind you I had no idea there were so many cheap wines on the market. Dirt Cheap Wine has done a great job of finding inexpensive wines and has post after post of $4 and $5 wines, just reading them gives me the “sulfite strain.”

I have to say I’ve passed this site on to people who are into value wine and Dirt Cheap Wine has yet to miss the mark. Many of her recommendations have made economical wine sippers very happy. So for some pretty spot-on cheap wine reviews and overall entertaining reading, our Blogger in the Spotlight this week, Dirt Cheap Wine is bringing it home.

South Florida Food and Wine: How did you start wine blogging/writing?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I originally started the Dirt Cheap Wine blog as a journal of what I was drinking. I used to get so confused over all of the selections and I could never remember what I liked and what I didn’t. I would invariably keep purchasing bad wine because I had forgotten it was terrible when I bought it 4 months before. The blog caught on and people really appreciated my reviews to help steer them clear of bad cheap wines, and help them choose delicious ones. The blog is not affiliated with anyone, and I don’t work with samples so I am free to tell the honest truth!

South Florida Food and Wine: Do you do anything else other than blog/write about wine?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I write and I am a passionate foodie. I have a Mexican food cookbook out and I have also done recipe development for Yellowtail Reserve wines.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the most challenging thing about blogging/writing?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Dirt Cheap Wine is a hobby for me, so it’s actually fun! As far as writing in general, getting the first sentence down (which for me, dictates the feel of the whole story/article) is the most challenging. Once I get that first sentence down, the rest just flows.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the greatest opportunity that has come from blogging/writing for you?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I have gotten to meet some incredible people! Wine-makers, winery owners, other wine-bloggers and most importantly- other wine lovers.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is your most memorable blogging/writing moment?
Dirt Cheap Wine: That would have to be when I found out how popular my blog was. I stopped writing it for a while, and after a month or two I started getting comments and e-mails asking when I was going to come back and that they missed my reviews. Up until that point, I didn’t realize that people were paying any attention.

South Florida Food and Wine: It’s your last day on earth, what would your final meal and wine be?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I have so many favorite food and wine pairings… I could write a book about it ;) Off the top of my head I would say grilled carne asada and Zinfandel, no wait…. green salad with feta, candied pecans and pears paired with a Pinot Grigio… no wait (see what you started?)

South Florida Food and Wine: What super-action-hero would you like to be and why?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I would have to be the Invisible Woman. Then I could sneak into Fred Franzia’s trailer and see what he’s really up to.

South Florida Food and Wine: Do you have any wacky cooking habits?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Not really, but I do like to use my pancake-cutter to cut pizza. People swear that it’s a pizza cutter to begin with… but I’m not so sure.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the best wine advice you have to share?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Being expensive does not guarantee a good wine. And of course you should check my blog for a good, dirt cheap wine… but if you’re in a pinch you will probably have the best luck with a Shiraz for a red and Pinot Grigio for a white. Those varietals seem to be the most consistently good within the dirt cheap wine budget.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is your one obsessive kitchen habit?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Anytime I have raw meat out, I sanitize every surface multiple times like a crazy woman after I’m done preparing it.

South Florida Food and Wine: If you could choose to be any wine, what would it be?
Dirt Cheap Wine: A good, jammy Cabernet Sauvignon. Complex with a touch of sweetness.

South Florida Food and Wine: If looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Fresh produce, 4-5 bottles of half-full white wine, tortillas, organic milk, cheese and eggs.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the one “staple” wine you always have in your “cellar”?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Archeo Nero D’ Avola

South Florida Food and Wine: What is your beverage of choice?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Red wine of course.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is your favorite comfort food?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Chile Verde or Chicken enchiladas. If I need something quick, I eat Kraft Mac ‘n’ cheese out of the pot. It tastes better that way.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is your culinary claim to fame?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I make a mean Chile Colorado!

South Florida Food and Wine: What is in your kitchen junk drawer?
Dirt Cheap Wine: With all my kitchen gadgets, I don’t have room for a junk drawer…. thank goodness, because I had one before, and I was afraid to open it after a while.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the best culinary gift you ever received?
Dirt Cheap Wine: A super-cool digital food scale. It makes measuring so easy.

South Florida Food and Wine: What kitchen chore do you dislike the most?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Unloading the dishwasher. Ugh. Worst chore ever.

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten and where?
Dirt Cheap Wine: I ate Eel while I was in Chile- yum!

South Florida Food and Wine: What is the most extravagant food or beverage item or culinary tool you spent money on?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Well, I do write “Dirt Cheap Wine” so extravagant is not really in my nature. But I did drop a few bucks on my Vinturi wine aerator when it first came out. Luckily I was given a Wine Soiree wine aerator recently so I have a nice selection of aerators now. Aeration can save a bottle of wine sometimes!

South Florida Food and Wine: Where was the best meal with a bottle of wine you ever had?
Dirt Cheap Wine: Anytime I get together with friends for a meal and some good wine it is the best!

South Florida Food and Wine: If you could share a bottle of wine with anyone who would it be and why?
Dirt Cheap Wine: From the past, Wyatt Earp, I would love to have the inside scoop of what really happened at the O.K. Corral. And from the present, George Lucas, cause who wouldn’t want to hang with the creator of Star Wars?

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