June 19, 2011

Interview with Jeffrey Wolfe, owner of Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe

The purpose of The Spotlight Series is for readers to get to know the person behind the fabulousness of food and wine they represent, craft, and write. The Spotlight questions give a lot of leeway for the interviewee to have at it and let their real personalities shine through. Some run with it all the way to the goal line. There hasn’t been a laugh-out-loud Spotlight in quite some time (1, 2, and 3), until today. Proprietor and wine guru Jeffrey Wolfe of Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe hits it out of the ballpark! Aside from giving a great interview Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe sells some of the most fantastic wines on the planet. Jeffrey has one of the best entrepreneurial spirits and approach to business that I’ve seen. He loves what he does and it comes through loud and clear. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean, go to one of his wine tastings, and experience it firsthand. The one thing about wine is that you have to start somewhere, and it’s not normally in Bordeaux or Abruzzo. Once you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side do it with Jefffrey.The man knows his wine; he’ll share with you, making sure you understand and appreciate what you’re about to drink; and that is what makes him successful, and a favorite in Coral Gables, and beyond. A quote from Jeffrey: Real wine tells me a story … doesn’t always have to be perfect or a happy ending … just unique and real.” And just like his quote, I present the unique and real, Jeffrey Wolfe as this week’s Entrepreneur in the Spotlight.


South Florida Foodand Wine: Tell us about Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe and what a typical day is like foryou

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Up slinging hash for the 4yr & 8yr old at 6:30am drinking champagneflow on, except on Friday when we drink a magnum to usher the Sabbath coming…..dropkids at school with their Culinary Institute of America school lunches then offto the UM Wellness Center  to work outand be reminded that I no longer fit in at College, then open the shoppe at10:30 to hoards of Wolfepackers in line outside like Target on Black Friday!Then having to tell all in line that if they want Mondavi they need to comeback on the 12th of never! Then continue drinking till we close.

South Florida Foodand Wine: What is the one thing you love the most about your job?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Seriously besides making my liverfail daily?  Not having a boss besides mywife… ok bad answer…..Getting to know the unsung heroes of the wine business,the farmers that take what Mother Nature gives them and traps it in abottle….art that is constantly evolving.

South Florida Food and Wine:  Who is the one person you most would like toshare a bottle of wine with? And why?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Thomas Jefferson- then I might beable to appreciate Bordeaux, or at least we could have partied with Frenchchicks…

South Florida Foodand Wine: It’s your last day on earth, what would your final quaff be?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Would brush my teeth with Seloss,Breakfast with Coche Dury Meursault Perrieres, Lunch with anything either ofthese touched: Oliver Humbrecht and Lalou Bize-Leroy, just before I slip intothe white light… Paul Bara “Comtesse Marie” 1990 ….fitting to start and endwith bubbles for a bubble head!

South Florida Food and Wine:  What was the last restaurant you ate at anddid you order wine?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Chucky Cheese we really like theservice and the atmosphere & they only charge 4.99 for corkage with thepaper cups.  Sustain Miami, orderedKiralyudvar Tokaji Furment Sec, Austria 2007 & Maestracci E Prove Corsica2007. Miami Manner’s rule # 1 when you bring wine to a restaurant pay whateverthe corkage is and don’t argue & buy a bottle or a glass of bubbles, it’seasy, you can afford it and makes the restaurant less hostile about you and whatyou brought with you, then offer the somm or the server a taste of what youbrought cause it’s all about education.

South Florida Food and Wine:  It’s your day off, what do you do for fun?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Everything with the Wolfe pups withthe top down in the Jeep,  Fishing &Hendricks with the Den Mother!

South Florida Food and Wine: Dream come true: You canhave the wine of your choice in any city in the world, which city would it beand why? what wine would it be and why?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Priano along the Amalfi Coast…..theHotel Tritone could be the most beautiful place on earth, with the smell ofSorrento in the Air, your room is built into the cliffs over the Sea! 1978 Barolo Giacomo Conterno Barolo RiservaMonfortino

South Florida Food and Wine:  Your sense of taste and smell are crucial toyour job, what if you lost your “senses”? What would be, your Plan B?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Wine Witness Protection Bureau…

South Florida Food and Wine: Retail is not an easybusiness, what motivates you to be bigger, better, stronger?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Fear of having to work forsomeone…..

South Florida Foodand Wine: What is the one piece of advice you would offer entrepreneursstarting out today?

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe: Have a gut of steel, your gonna needone in this economy!

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe 124 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, FL 33134 305-445-4567     

Follow Jeffrey on Twitter @WolfesWines

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