September 27, 2011

Lunch at Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood

Recently I had lunch at Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood. I can’t help but think I’m the last person in South Florida who hasn’t been to Jimmy’z  until now. Even though I’m a bit late getting in the mofongo game I can honestly say it was worth the wait and anticipation.

Not a day that goes by that I don’t see a Facebook post or a tweet about someone carrying on about Jimmy’z Mofongo, so what’s this plantain craze all about? Simply put, comfort food in its finest hour. This humble Puerto Rican dish takes on many styles with pork, seafood, chicken and meat, but the base, the mofongo is always the same; fried plantains that are mashed together with garlic, salt,pepper, olive oil, and pork cracklings. The secret to mofongo is in the sauce no matter what protein is served with it. This stick-to-your-ribs dish is under $20 and has quite the cult following at both of Jimmy Carey’s locations, Miami Beach and Wynwood.

The day I was there for lunch I tried both the shrimp and pork mofongo, I’m holding out for the mixed seafood in a saffron sauce, next.  So far my favorite is the pork mofongo, the mix of flavors with the tender shredded pork actually made the dish come alive. I asked Jimmy if it was possible to serve an assorted portion of mofongo with multiple choices of protein. The answer is no because each dish is made to order…thus the loyal cult following. There is no mofongo prep done hours ahead of time waiting to be served. You place your order and your dish is cooked to order.

I heeded the advice of everyone I spoke with and took leftovers home; yes it’s even better the next day (I had mine for breakfast). So no longer am I on the outside looking in and wondering about this Mofongo craze….I am now honorably a part of it. If you’ve never had Mofongo, you’ve got to try it, and I highly suggest making Jimmy’z your first, you won’t be disappointed.

A casual eatery, Jimmy’z Wynwood was quite packed with lunchers the day I was there ranging from suits to skateborders. The price is right as is the more than ample portions of salads, sandwiches and the variety of entrees.

As there is a time and place for upscale dining, Jimmy’z Wynwood offers a wallet friendly menu which makes dining at Jimmy’z quite plausible multiple times a week be it for takeout or eat in…now only if I lived closer. Here’s an interesting fact, Jimmy’z Wynwood has free WIFI. No catch, no hook,just pull up a chair and plug-in….they love their guests, and the guests love Jimmy. Click here to view photos of my lunch.

Jimmy’z Wynwood 2700 North Miami Ave #207 Miami, FL 33128 Click here to view photos of my lunch.

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