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July 6, 2015

South Florida Supper Clubs, Collaborative Kitchens, Underground Dining, and Guest Chef Kitchen Takeovers

There was a time when it was unheard of to have competing chefs and restaurants collaborate on a dinner, let alone have a “visiting chef” takeover another’s kitchen. As with everything, situations evolve, and walls are broken down; jealousy, and competition falls to the wayside, and coming together as a community is seen as commonplace. The hospitality industry is a juggernaut of sorts in South Florida, a thriving force on one hand, as well as a sinking force on the other, that can cause some pretty hefty financial damage when one’s plan goes askew.

To keep the thriving force of restaurants alive and well in South Florida, creative ways and means are continually popping up, very much like its synonymous “pop-up” restaurants. The genuine camaraderie Miami chefs share is second to none and they have set the bar very high for the rest of South Florida to follow with their collaborative dinners, and kitchen takeovers. Slowly, we’re beginning to see chefs north of the Dade county line work together to unite the South Florida food scene into a prosperous, and flourishing first rate culinary destination for residents and visitors.

Along with collaborative chef dinners, supper clubs, and dining groups are picking up steam, and becoming a very prominent fixture in South Florida. Some thrive spectacularly, while others come and go. This adventurous, and somewhat clandestine style of dining is typically promoted through social media so being astute in your twitter and instagram following will pay off in spades to be in the know. Below is a list of some of the notable Supper Clubs, Collaborative Kitchens, Underground Dining, and Guest Chef Kitchen Takeovers from Palm Beach to Miami Beach.

communal table dining

communal table dining

Palm Beach County Supper Clubs, Collaborative Kitchens, Underground Dining, and Guest Chef Kitchen Takeovers

The Plate & Table is the brainchild of two longtime friends who met in culinary school and have designed a regular series of unique pop-up dining experiences in the historic old Northwood area in West Palm Beach.

Mucho Gusto Delray Beach two talented, out of the box thinking chefs pop-up tasting menu dinners, and brunches around Delray Beach on a regular basis.

SWANK TABLE Palm Beach hosts al fresco dinners from December through April in their fields with local and nationally known chefs. Calling on the best of the state’s farmers, ranchers, artisanal producers, micro-brewers, and organic wine makers, the chefs produce multi-course meals of the highest quality. Each SWANK TABLE event gives back to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds to local charities.

Broward County Supper Clubs, Collaborative Kitchens, Underground Dining, and Guest Chef Kitchen Takeovers

DL Supper Club DL stands for down low. This supper club epitomizes clandestine dining. Lee Torain, chef/owner of DL Supper Club has painstakingly built this surreptitious dining experience over the past few years keeping true to his original plan, the only way to find out about his dinners is by word of mouth. The dinners take place every 4-6 weeks in a private location in Fort Lauderdale, which guests will be notified of once they have confirmed their reservation. The DL Supper Club is BYOB. Email: leetorain [@] to be placed on the email list for future dinners.

The Traveling Plate concept was created by the ARC Broward Culinary Institute and came to fruition through a project of the Leadership Broward Foundation. The ARC Broward Culinary Institute uses food as a tool to transform lives for adults with disabilities and other life challenges. Dinners are held in unique locations around Fort Lauderdale. The Culinary Institute hosts Traveling Plate dinners to raise money for student scholarships.

Miami-Dade County Supper Clubs, Collaborative Kitchens, Underground Dining, and Guest Chef Kitchen Takeovers

Conscious Bite Out brings together a group of people who want to share healthy dining-out experiences that does not sacrifice taste. Conscious Bite Out awakens your palate so that you can rediscover food. The menus are all about nutritious food and inspiring others towards living a healthier life aligned with the philosophies of using nutritious, healthy, fresh, local and organic ingredients.

Harry’s Pizza Chef Pop-up Series Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine invites his chef friends over to Harry’s for a chef pop-up dinner; occurring periodically the invited chef takes over Harry’s kitchen preparing a special menu from their cookbook, their restaurant, or something completely different from their norm.

The Algonquin Dinner Club Miami is a group of young professionals in Miami that get together for dinner at a new restaurant each week

Saffron Supper Club Miami A roving pop-up dinner club exploring the food and culture of the Middle East

Cobaya Miami Clandestine and experience dining at its finest. Inspired by the “underground dinner club” concept, the men of Cobaya assemble a group of willing guinea pigs monthly who are ready to try whatever experiments local South Florida chefs are cooking up.

Dinner Lab Miami is a membership-based communal dining experience that brings together up-and-coming chefs with enthusiastic diners who are looking for something different as opposed to the traditional restaurant experience.

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