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January 16, 2016

Things to do on Valentine’s Day other than gifting flowers, candy and dinner in South Florida

“Do one thing every day that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt. I’m not sure the former first lady meant jumping out of airplanes and attempting to scale Mount Everest without careful thought, and preparation but theoretically that quote holds much weight in breaking out of your comfort zone. Two weeks after New Years and I’m wondering if you’re still holding true to your New Year’s Resolution. That is what gave me the thought for this Valentine’s post. Flowers, candy, dinner, and Champagne are all lovely but pretty staid. And if you ask any +1 worth their salt I’m sure their suggestion would be to do something out of the confines of that heart-shaped candy box. So with that said, I’ve compiled a list of out-of-the-ordinary, break the mold, couple, +1, and friend activities to do in South Florida this Valentine’s Day.

Flyboarding. photo credit:

Flyboarding. photo credit:

Valentine Extreme Excitement in South Floridadefy gravity and fly, fly like a bird and become one with the wild blue yonder.

Walk on water. Or at least fly above it by Flyboarding. The Flyboard is a jetpack/hoverboard that is strapped to the feet of the user and is connected to a jet ski by a hose. The power of the jet ski is what moves the water through the hose. Water is forced under pressure with jet nozzles underneath the users feet which provides the propelling force for the rider to fly up to 49 feet in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 8 feet. Contact for more details.

Flying Lesson Channeling your best Amelia Earhart or Wright Brothers is totally doable for the average person by getting behind the controls of a small aircraft when you take an introductory flight lesson. A 45 minute lesson offers both ground and in-flight instruction. For more details on flight lessons visit Aviation Pilot Academy of Hollywood at

Fly like an eagle, and go Skydiving. Whether it’s the most thrilling adventure you’ve always wanted to take part in, or the craziest thought you’ve ever had, get that wind beneath your wings by jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet and free fall at 120 mph, of course in tandem with a skydiving professional. Visit

Not flying in the traditional sense but Auto Racing is a great stress outlet for anyone who drives on South Florida highways and is frustrated with the 65 mph speed limit. Miami and Palm Beach Exotic Auto Racing gives you the opportunity to push your speed to the redline and pump your adrenaline to levels you never thought you had. Exotic cars to choose from are Lamborghini, Audi, and Ferrari.

Flight sights. photo credit

Flight sights. photo credit

Not nearly as extreme as flying, speed racing and jumping out of an airplane but definitely up there with breaking out of that heart-shaped Valentine candy box, our next few suggestions are ideal for couples and friends.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Just like ole blue eyes said “Once I get you up there, Where the air is rarefied, We’ll just glide, Starry-eyed….” flying high above the treetops at 2000 feet, the views of Miami, the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and the Florida Everglades will confirm why you live here, and why this is better than a box of Valentine chocolates.

Romantic Venetian Gondola Ride While not exactly a Roman holiday, the gondola ride through the canals of Miami Beach is a lovely and quiet tour of some of the beautiful waterways in Miami Beach. Venetian Gondola Rides accommodate 2-4 people. Food, drink and music can be added to the rental for an additional fee. For more details visit

Horseback Riding Lesson take your city slicker ways to the horse trails of Davie. Whether a novice, or experienced rider The Davie Ranch, an equestrian facility offers private horseback-riding lessons, trail rides and other farm activities. Visit for more details.

photo credit: Sunrise Balloons Miami

photo credit: Sunrise Balloons Miami/

And for those that need to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground

Peruvian-Chinese Cooking Class for 2 or more with Katie Choy, author of the newly published, Family Secrets, Experience the Flavors of Peru, Katie will take you on a journey into the world of Peruvian-Chinese food through the fusion of Incan and Cantonese flavors. Visit for more information.

Get your culture on with tickets to Florida Grand Opera‘s performance of Norma, one of the most famous operas of the 19th century. Tragic, maddening, and overwrought with passion, exactly what you need on Valentine’s Day.

Channeling your inner Picasso, Painting Class at Uptown Art of the Palm Beaches, provides hands-on art instruction, paint supplies, canvases, and aprons everything you need to get your SweetheART on this Valentine’s Day.

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