Palm Beach

April 5, 2016

Fulcrum Wine Dinner at 32 East Delray Beach

A Fulcrum is the point on which an object balances. This was the name winemaker David Rossi chose for his winery when he founded it in 2005—years before the word balance became an essential element in any discussion about great New World Pinot Noir. Fulcrum represented the style of winemaking Rossi spent years refining. It was also an ideal metaphor for his belief in leveraging the finest grapes to create balanced, complex and age-worthy Pinot Noirs. At the time David Rossi established Fulcrum, there was little talk of harvesting earlier, lower alcohols, or a more judicious use of new oak—things that have become key elements in the evolving discussion about a more balanced style of Pinot Noir.

To make wines that achieve this ideal, Rossi’s approach is intimate and exacting. It begins by selecting renowned Pinot Noir vineyards. Fulcrum is a winemaker’s winery, where no corners are ever cut. It is guided solely by  Rossi’s palate and a winemaking vision that has been developed over more than 20 years. Fulcrum wines are made in limited quantities using grapes from a handful of acclaimed sites in the Anderson Valley, Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast, Carneros and Chalone appellations. Though both Fulcrum and On Point capture the meeting point between grace and strength, they offer different stylistic expressions of David Rossi’s balanced approach to Pinot Noir.

Price of the dinner is $110 per person, with the optional EXTRA POUR of 2013 Pinot Noir –Brosseau Vineyard, Chalone for $20. Reservations are required for this intimate dinner and can be made by calling 561.276.7868. 32 East 32 East Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach. Valet or self parking is available.

The menu is as follows:


Chilled Island Creek Oysters with Horseradish Crema, Lemon & Cherril
Crispy Shrimp & Spring Onion Beignet with Citrus Aioli & Micro Greens

2013 Sauvignon Blanc – Cloisonné /Alexander Valley



Morel Mushroom & Leek Bruschetta with Burrata, Arugula & Verjus Reduction

2013 Pinot Noir –On Point, Christinna’s Cuvee/Anderson Valley



Penne in Lamb “Bolognese” with Sonoma Goat Cheese & Fresno Chili Breadcrumbs

2013 Pinot Noir – Fulcrum, Landy Vineyard, Russian River Valley



Charcoal Grilled Duck Breast on Spicy Vegetable “Fried Rice” with Dried Cherries, Watercress & Hazelnuts

2013 Pinot Noir –Gap’s Crown Vineyard, Sonoma Coast



Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Plant City Strawberry Compote

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