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Good Reads From Around The Web

What we’re reading from around the web; Good Reads on some of the more interesting and notable happenings in Hospitality and a few other topics this week in South Florida and beyond. There’s a direct relationship between exercise and success via Entrepreneur There’s a “brew-ha” brewing in Florida; Growler (half gallon container) bill pits Florida microbreweries against big-money beer [...]

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Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to Brewery Ommegang’s HopChef Competition

Brewery Ommegang’s HopChef competition will take place on April 28 at The Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables. A line-up of eight chefs from local restaurants have been selected to participate, the chefs are · David Hackett – The Biltmore Hotel · Alan Hughes – Embassy of Wellbeing and Debauchery · Jacob Anaya – OTC · Sean Brasel –Meat [...]

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Edge Steak & Bar Miami

EDGE Steak & Bar located in the Four Seasons Miami, on Brickell is a modern steak concept, not to be confused with the term steakhouse. Edge Steak & Bar is casual, yet polished, bright, and sanguine, certainly not what you’d expect from a “steakhouse”. Edge is sophisticated and appealing without being intimidating. Located in the tony [...]

Dinner Lab Miami Miami

Dinner Lab Miami, a membership-based communal dining experience

Dinner Lab is a membership-based communal dining experience that brings together up-and-coming chefs with enthusiastic diners who are looking for something different as opposed to the traditional restaurant experience. In ten cities across the country Dinner Lab is serving up this unique style of social dining to open-minded diners that have literally become a dining [...]

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Brunch and Breakfast in Palm Beach

Brunch isn’t just for Sunday anymore. Weekend brunches and breakfasts are being served all over Palm Beach. Excite the weekend epicure within and indulge in a weekend brunch from the glam and Champagne to the hungover and Bloody Mary. There are brunches with golf course views, city views, garden views, parking lot views and ocean views so whatever your choice our ‘hometown’ cities have got [...]

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Where to go for Breakfast and Brunch in Fort Lauderdale

Brunch isn’t just for Sunday anymore. Weekend brunches and breakfasts are being served just about everywhere in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas; Lauderdale by the Sea, Hollywood Beach, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach. Excite the weekend epicure within and indulge in a weekend brunch from the fancy all-dressed-up Champagne Brunch to the I-can-barely-get-my-clothes-on hungover Bloody Mary breakfast. [...]