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March 7, 2010

The Chowfather, a great food and wine blogger

OK, I have been beyond eager to post this interview all week. This blogger is totally cool. He’s funny and forthright yet possesses a great humility. He is not who or what I thought he was by his blogging name: The Chowfather. I started reading his blog because of the name. I thought it was clever yet I laughed every time I saw it posted somewhere thinking this guy must be a cross between Vito Corleone and Tony Soprano (with regard to the food scenes of course). And then I met him, not Vito or Tony, not even close. And when I met him, I laughed. I met The Chowfather! Sometimes I get “blogger-struck”. Ya know, when you finally meet the person behind the posts or tweets that you’ve been following it really is kind of a surreal-pseudo-celeb-thing.

So in true Godfather/Chowfather form there is this list. Depending on the list you either want to be on it or not. The List The Chowfather created is definitely the list I’d want to be on if I were a restaurant. I thought “The List” was a great idea I even referenced it in one of my posts. I think I might do a list too. Lists take a lot of thought and time, both of which I’ve been short of lately. So this is as far as I got with my list, referencing someone else’s and thinking of my own. I think I’ll just read The Chowfather’s List and leave it at that. You will laugh out loud, you will be entertained and you will check out ”The List”after reading the interview, (if you haven’t already) from this week’s Blogger in the Spotlight. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, The Chowfather….

SFFW: How did you start food blogging?
The Chowfather: Wait, I have blog??? I was actually kicking back some beers with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert one night at the Deuce and they forced me into it. In all seriousness, it really started out of the blue. I had no intentions of being a ‘blogger”. BUT I love good food, I love finding good food and I love sharing that information with others. I was very active on Chowhound but needed a different platform to share my finds and spread the word. Eesh I sound like David Koresh now.

SFFW: Do you do anything else other than blog about food-wine-beverage?
The Chowfather: I’m an avid fantasy sports geek and I play a dad/attorney on TV.

SFFW: What is the most challenging thing about blogging?
The Chowfather: None besides the BUI’s (blogging under the influence) and all those damn groupies. This is a hobby for me and something I enjoy doing. Nevertheless, I could sure use an editor and an IT person. As you can see, I have little to no clue when it comes to page setup and design. I’m also guilty of premature posting. I rarely ok never proof read my posts. I just type away and hit post the second I am done. This leads to countless grammar and spelling errors. I’ve had several cringe worthy moments when I’ve gone back to read a post.

SFFW: What is the greatest opportunity that has come from blogging for you?
The Chowfather: The current bidding war over my first book rights. Leaning toward Harpo.

SFFW: What is your most memorable blogging moment?
The Chowfather: Being invited to join fellow bloggers Food For Thought Miami, Blind Tastes and Mango and Lime ( plus one non-blogger) in a focus group for a local restaurant, my involvement with Cobaya and this interview of course.

SFFW: It’s your last day on earth, what would your final meal be?
The Chowfather: Padma with truffles on top.

SFFW: What super-action-hero would you like to be and why?
The Chowfather: Does Hamburglar count?

SFFW: Do you have any wacky cooking habits?
The Chowfather: Sitting at a chef’s table is as close as I get to cooking. I like good food remember…

SFFW: What is the best food advice you have to share?
The Chowfather: Don’t settle for mediocre food.

SFFW: What is your one obsessive kitchen habit?
The Chowfather: I use a lot of paper towels

SFFW: If you could choose to be any food, what would it be?
The Chowfather: hmmm how about a killer whale

SFFW: If looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
The Chowfather: YoBaby YoBaby and more YoBaby.

SFFW: What is the one “staple” food you always have in your cupboard?
The Chowfather: Rao’s marinara sauce (It’s really good, trust me) and Coffee.

SFFW: What is your beverage of choice?
The Chowfather: Coffee when the sun rises and pinot noir when the sun sets

SFFW: What is your favorite comfort food?
The Chowfather: Oooh sooo many. Pizza, meatballs, burgers, brisket and pastrami on rye.

SFFW: What is your culinary claim to fame?
The Chowfather: Having to buy a new pair of pants for the flight home after a weekend food bender in New Orleans. How do you resist the gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys, muffalettas, beignets, oysters etc etc. Great food is everywhere.

SFFW: What is in your kitchen junk drawer?
The Chowfather: Tons of corks and take out menus

SFFW: What is the best culinary gift you ever received?
The Chowfather: Padma’s digits.

SFFW: What kitchen chore do you dislike the most?
The Chowfather: Emptying the dishwasher and cleaning champagne flutes

SFFW: What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten and where?
The Chowfather: Grilled Unicorn belly

SFFW: What is the most bizarre thing you ever did with food?
The Chowfather: Blog about it

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