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March 10, 2013

Goodbye South Florida Daily Blog

Periodically I’ve mentioned, referenced, linked, Facebooked and Tweeted about a fellow blogger here on, it’s South Florida Daily Blog [SFDB] and the man behind this inimitable blog is Rick. Rick is an enigma unto the South Florida blogging/news/political schema. He’s infamous in this world and probably doesn’t even know it. Rick is not 100% anonymous but pretty damn close at 99.9% most of us have never seen him, or talked to him. All we know is his name.

South Florida Daily Blog

I don’t know exactly how long Rick has been at this blogging gig, but it’s safe to say he and his blogs have been around since dirt was invented. It is also safe to assume that Rick is the Godfather of blogging around these parts. Like all great Godfathers it’s time for this one to retire his keyboard and fill his tireless hours of research and sifting to more enjoyable tasks and possibly be seen??

Here at Wynwood Art Walk last month someone who knows someone, who’s neighbor reads SFDB thinks he sees Rick in the reflection of the window at Panther Coffee.

Panther Coffee Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida photo credit: sflrunner

Rick doesn’t seek out attention. Never did, doesn’t want to. He falls into that category of famous one name celebs, like Prince and Bono, the one name wonder, who always delivers, never disappoints and definitely gets you to form an opinion.

Here on Lincoln Road at Icebox Cafe, a newbie food blogger and her gaggle of girlfriends thinks they spy the mysterious Rick and foolishly tries to photograph him with her Polaroid.

photo credit: Daughter of the Soho Riots Mariana Etienne

I’ve been in countless conversations over the past four and a half years and they’ve all gone similarly like this “did you see who Rick called out in his sift last night” ; “Rick is loving  all those comments, those people should know better than to tangle with him; whether you agree with him or not he states his point eloquently; he’s getting everyone all worked up, and you know he’s sitting there laughing his a** off”; “did you see Rick’s Friday Flashback today?” You say the name Rick in certain circles and everyone knows who you’re talking about.

It was here, recently at Burger Beast’s Burgie Awards that another sighting of Rick was running ramped through twitterverse, rumor had it he was there. See that blurred apparition, lower right??????

4th annual Burger Beast Burgie Awards 2013 photo credit: SFLFoodandWine

Rick has his finger on the news pulse of the South Florida community and shares his findings with his readers, he does this by “sifting”; as a baker this word will never be the same for me. Quoted from his site, “The South Florida Daily Blog sifts through and reviews most of the blogs based in South Florida and highlights those posts that stand out from the rest of the day’s traffic.” Rick curated a go-to list of South Florida blogs that he relied on for news and information, and in turn shared with the rest of his world. And yes, Rick has a world. The amount of loyal followers and readers this man has cultivated is truly enviable and something to be respected. Rick is an old school blogger. He writes. He’s opinionated. He engages his readers through comments. He shares. And from that very simple premise he built his massive online community.

Snap Shooters 2012 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth, Florida photo credit: sflrunner

It was here last fall in Lake Worth that there was a hopeful sighting of Rick, much of his online community turned out hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Rick.

Bloggers on his blogroll knew they “made” it when they got listed. It’s a nod every blogger in South Florida wants. Myself included. But it wasn’t something that came easy, if you were SFDB vetted and listed then you were held to a very high standard if you didn’t tow the line, you got called out. SFDB maintained a high level of blogging standard and if you were going to be represented on his site you were expected to do the same. July 1, 2010, 9:15am was my moment. One I remember and respectfully cherish.

No matter your blogging voice, lifestyle, political, community, art, or news if you were solid Rick had a place for you. He didn’t play favorites, adept at walking this line is what gave him his credibility and likability.

If you’re a reader of South Florida Daily Blog you are aware of Rick’s sad disdain about the evolution and the new culture of blogging. As I said previously, Rick is old school. Old school respect. Old school class. Old school, when black & white movies were true movies with dialogue. Rick is one of the true torchbearers of this incredible world of blogging.

Photo Credit: Not in the News Today Poems by Pat Smith

At this time, Rick has chosen to say goodbye through song [on his site]. There has been a series of heart-wrenching instrumental and vocal picks speaking for Rick, saying quite possibly what he cannot. I have had the stomach flu for the past two days and not sure what is truly making me ill, this virus or Rick’s unspoken goodbye.

Rick you will be missed. Your sifts, coolers, Flashback Fridays, posts of the week, month and year all meant a great deal to those who were lucky enough to make the cut and gave incentive to those who didn’t. I cannot speak for anyone else but I learned about true online sharing, I learned what blogging really is about and I learned so much about my community in the four years of reading SFDB that I was oblivious to for the previous 16 years that I lived here all because of you and your sharing of others.

Happy Trails my friend.

Coming Through Trailriders pass by on the Christian Pond Trail in GTNP. photo credit: sflrunner

Thank you Rick for including me in your world. It has been one of my greatest honors to be represented on your site. Thank you for introducing me to so many people unknown, my audience has grown exponentially because of you. And now, this Finale is for you Rick, from the very bottom of my heart, I truly had the time of my life.

South Florida Daily Blog



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  1. MRD72

    “since dirt was invented” you are a freakin’ riot!!!!!!!!!! I could decide whether to laugh or cry through this story…..

  2. stayathomemom

    love the way you tell a story Christine….and those pictures!

  3. A clever yet heartfelt tribute, Christine. Then again, I’d expect no less from you.

  4. a charmed life

    Prince and Bono????? Girl you’ve lost your mind! I love the way you write, you’re so approachable, I laugh my ass off reading your posts.

  5. Great post!! If Rick prolonged his “retirement”, I’m sure this would have made “best of”!!

  6. Steven Howard

    Very poignant recap. Sorry to see this blog go. I began to read him after finding him on your site Christine. I will admit I’m in the age range where I appreciated his Flashback Fridays.

  7. SFLFoodandWine Editor

    lol, well being a girl the first two names that came to mind were Cher and Madonna but that analogy just wasn’t going to work….

    You’ve had a positive influence on many people Rick and for that you’ve been wildly successful. And yes, you do deserve all those words and more.

    I wish you all the best and will miss you tremendously. Be well.

  8. Wow. I didn’t really deserve any of that except for the comparison to Prince and Bono. :)

    Thanks so much for the words and I am so glad that SFDB had a positive effect in your blogging. Not all I wrote was for everyone but it makes me happy that you found enough there to keep you coming back. That’s all a blogger really wants, after all, right?

    It was fun.

    Time to do other things.

    Take care.


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