November 9, 2013

#15byChristmas, How To Lose 15 Pounds By Christmas

So this is how the whole thing started; Last Monday during my daily morning walk with my long-lost running pal Tricia, (we did three half-marathons together, we have the medals to prove it!), I asked her, “how can we lose 15 pounds by Christmas?” I say ‘we’ because the truth is, everything is easier with a +1; you have support and accountability. After years of yo-yo dieting solo, I have found that success comes in the form of support and accountability, case in point, Weight Watchers. Most people I know that have done and been on multiple diets and weight loss programs all come full circle and swear by Weight Watchers, because Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat. We’re not doing Weight Watchers, we’re not doing any supplemental weight loss program. Between the two of us, we have more weight loss knowledge and experience, that we could put the entire [weight loss] industry out of business if we marketed ourselves, so we’re going it alone, with each other.

Florida Half Marathons

We don’t exactly have a  steadfast plan to actually get us to our goal. I know, you’re thinking, these two are going to fail before they even get started. Maybe not. Our approach is more common sense lifestyle and less diet drastic. Think about it, when you say “I’m starting my diet tomorrow”, “I’m on a diet”, “I can’t, I’m on a diet”. In these instances, diet is negative; a halting word that screams deprivation, automatically putting you on the defensive, mentally, emotionally and physically. Here’s the thing, we both want to lose 15 pounds. That’s half the battle right there. We work well supporting each other and want each other to succeed.

Tricia and I are good cooks, if I say so myself. Food hobby-ists if you will; we’ve thrown dinner parties where people begged to get invited, we’ve written recipes that have been published, we can whip things up that would blow your mind, however not all are calorie and waistline friendly. So now we find ourselves at a point where we need to take our knowledge and experience and slim it down, literally and figuratively.

No bread

It’s ironic, if you listen to your body it will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t want. I haven’t had pasta in a month. That’s a big deal for me. Pasta and bread are my absolute weaknesses. I’ve never enjoyed either in moderation, its always been to excess. Because I cannot control my carb intake like a normal person, it has to be cut out completely. I’ve been craving salads lately. My body wants vegetables. Aside from being a pretty fabulous cook Tricia makes killer salads, always has. I’ve known Tricia for 20 years and hands down her salads will sway even the most staunch carnivore. So last night we had a #15byChristmas dinner meeting of the minds at her house complete with some crazy-easy-fabulous salad. Everything was going according to #15byChristmas commitment plan until I opened the bottle of wine.

No pasta

I’ve kicked the pasta and bread habit; it’s completely behind me, for now, but the wine thing is going to be challenging.

I love wine. I love the many nuances. I love the experience. I love to pair it with food. I love the entire world of wine; where it can take me is stratospheric. Very rarely have I found a glass or a bottle I didn’t like. The all encompassing world of wine has a breadth and depth so intriguing and so cleverly pervasive it’s hard to resist its wily ways; and for this reason alone wine will be my shortcoming with regards to #15byChristmas.

No wine

Mom always said, everything in moderation. Have you ever noticed, Mom is [usually] always right? So Tricia and I are going the Mom route for #15byChristmas, everything in moderation with cutbacks and exercise. #15byChristmas is doable, reasonable and logical. We’re not going to post before and after pictures, we’re not posting inches and weight, this is all on the honor system, no humiliation involved. We will however post our exercise triumphs and troubles, our meals, recipes and snacks. There will be no cheating to report because this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, and with all changes sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall and sometimes it really, really easy. The beauty of doing this publicly and keeping an ongoing diary of sorts is to be each other’s +1. Tricia and I invite you to join us for the next 46 days; literally join us, if you want to lose #15byChristmas get in on our movement and join in our conversation by leaving comments on each post. I’ll be posting daily about food, exercise, motivation, as well as daily trials, tribulations and successes. Everyone is welcome, men and women of all walks, talks, shapes and sizes, because everyone needs a +1.

For those of you not familiar with hashtags, anything word, number or combination thereof after the pound sign # is called a hashtag. Our hashtag is #15byChristmas. No matter the social media outlet you use, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, always use #15byChristmas so you can search for and keep up with like-minded people striving for the same goal.

#15byChristmas photo credit: annamariapropertyspecialist.com

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  5. nick

    ignore the haters baby…..I can run with you on Thursdays. Call me.

  6. MRD72

    Not with you Joan on this one. It’s not an easy goal but it’s not too lofty either. Calculations state that it’s two pounds a week. It can be done. Overall it sounds like a lot but actually its just enough to push one and make them stay focused on their goal.

  7. Lizzy

    15 pounds sounds like a lot but in actuality its two pounds a week. That can be done, even if you don’t do hard core cardio exercise; which of course I know you will. I love this challenge Christine, especially with Thanksgiving and holiday parties because people are convinced they can’t “do it” and ultimately they don’t. It’s exactly what you said, if you want it to work it will. No it’s not going to be easy but I’m quite sure you’ll make us laugh through the process. I know you’ve got some articles already lined up how to stay on task….so will I see you at yoga this week? -L

  8. SFLFoodandWine Editor

    @joan, we did the math. 2 pound a week. we can do it.

  9. Kathleen

    Sold. I’m in Chrissy.

  10. jp1002

    Joan I don’t agree with you, it’s not too lofty of a goal and Christine is right, at 2 pounds a week it can be done. At the very least if it gets her and others moving and eating better then its a success.

  11. margarethe

    I have recipes for you…..I’ll email them. -Marg

  12. Ophelia

    OMG! I’m so in with you. I’m not running though. I’ll walk. I need recipes or I’ll fall off the wagon. I need to plan Christine. I like the team support focus….

  13. food-lova

    WOW! C- I know you can do this but the temptation of your world is going to test. Those pics are hilarious!

  14. Tricia

    Just finished my 3 mile walk. Now off to buy some great ingredients for a salad.

  15. Marc

    Just say no to pasta! HA!

  16. Michael B.

    The movement. you are so damn funny…..are you juicing again?

  17. caroline

    Christine I have some great recipes to share with you. I’m right here with ya. Just a few small changes, new mindset and a never say die attitude….#15byChristmas

  18. bobby d

    2 pounds a week….hmm. I’ll do it with you; spoke with Ker, she’s in too

  19. attnyatlaw

    UGH….can I just watch, do I have to participate?

  20. Mom was right. It really is all about making good choices and moderation. And, of course, exercise.

    While I’d love to lose #15byChristmas (or any other time), I think you set too lofty a goal. Under the best of circumstances, that amount of weight loss in that short a period is a real challenge and requires severe diet changes and vigorous exercise. Yikes — and you have to go through Thanksgiving and all those holiday parties.

    I wish you both lots of luck in achieving your goal but, remember, any loss is a win!!

  21. a charmed life

    I’m in

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